Miansai made its name as a purveyor of stylish, understated Panama hats that looked great but never demanded attention. Then it made stylish, understated bracelets that got noticed without begging an explanation. Now Michael Saiger's brand is getting in the watch game. After a year and a half in development, Miansai is out with a limited line of built-from-scratch watches that are, well, stylish and understated.

Though the minimal M3 design and the super-stylized M1 both nail the retro-modern look, our pick of the litter is this M2 Chronograph, which features a Japanese quartz movement, Swiss sapphire crystal, and a sleek, almost Deco-like stainless steel case. Choose any band you want from the wealth of options – nautical blue, knit green, tan Italian leather – but for our money (and for a watch like this, it isn't a lot of money), you can't go wrong with black leather. Just remember to check out the detailing: The second hand is a delicately carved fishhook, exactly the sort of touch that proves everything has been considered. It takes a lot of work to look this relaxed. [$375; miansai.com]