We're certified camera snobs, the types quick to shame anyone whose only optics are in his phone. So it was with great, preemptive scoffing that we attached the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit. But maybe it takes a little snobbiness to fall in love with the kit, an easily-pocketable collection of a fish eye, wide angle, and two macro lenses that you unscrew and clip on your iPhone to enhance its existing optics.

The fish eye and wide lenses are the main pieces, and beneath each you have either a 10x or 15x macro lens. They're simple to clip on, but the effect of the lenses is dramatic, with the wide-angle allowing for full-body or group portraits in close quarters, the fisheye sucking in more scenery during outdoor shots. The macros capture the textures of flowers, fabric, or even skin while shooting from mere millimeters away. Like any wider optics, the fish eye and wide-angle lenses distort their subjects, bulging or stretching them like taffy.

But Olloclip's free app lets you quickly, and very effectively, counter that distortion with a simple on-screen slider. Before we knew it, we were snapping shots with our iPhones we were proud to display. In other words, the 4-in-1 is a full tool kit for both the dedicated and casual iPhoneographer, tiny enough to fit it any bag or glove compartment, and hard to leave behind.

$70, olloclip.com

Field Notes
Area Tested: Indoors, outdoors
Days Used: 84 
Nitpick: The included lens caps don't fit over the macros – you have to screw the fisheye or wide-angle back on after each macro shot, or risk leaving them exposed