The weathered, leather-faced look can be rugged and handsome in a Clint Eastwood kind of way – if you're Clint Eastwood. For the rest of us, there's Birchbox Man's curated selection of grooming and lifestyle products. If you don't know the difference between exfoliating and excruciating, this monthly subscription sampler of grooming products will get you up to speed. For $20 a month – or a one-time three-month subscription for $60 – Birchbox Man assembles sets of some of the finest brands of shaving creams, moisturizers, and colognes, tosses in a few strategic accessories (sports watch, notebook, socks) and pops it in the mail.

If a particular product captures your imagination, you can order more of it alone, or as part of larger Birchbox packages outside of the subscription. You can customize sets according to your needs, within curated categories like The Complete Dopp Kit, Great Outdoors, Gym Bag Heroes, and, our favorite – Workplace Warriors, which we outfitted with Oribe Original Pomade (to keep your Madison Avenue side part in place), Herban Towelettes (for quick post-sandwich-at-your-desk clean-ups and inter-office cold prevention), and Bulgari Man Eau de Toilette. Stashable in a desk drawer or a carry-on bag, this businessman's Birchbox is also the ideal arsenal to prepare for after-work nights on the town or business trips, or to camouflage the damage the following morning. The whole idea behind these curated categories is to help grooming newbies cut to the chase in terms of ideal supplies.

Some grooming favorites we've discovered so far include Billy Jealousy's LiquidSand Exfoliating Cleanser, which strips away dead skin and moisturizes simultaneously and Kiehl's Cross Terrain UV Protector SPF 50, a wax-based sunscreen that's water, sweat, and wind-resistant, keeping it from dripping into your eyes when biking, running, skiing, or surfing. Most of all, we like eshu Shave Gel, which is made with the Australian superfruit quandong. (We've never heard of quandong either, but it makes the blades glide smooth and has a cool, citrusy tingle.) These various kits can be modified and customized according to your budget and preferences through Birchbox's site, which also includes the savvy style blog The Guide.

If you've finally hit that point in life where you need to improve your grooming habits, but you'd still prefer to be outside using your lip balm, instead of inside a mall shopping for it, then Birchbox is the way to go.