No American craft brewery has gotten more attention than Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery, and no American brewmaster more consistently lives up to the label of mad scientist than Dogfish Head's founder and president Sam Calagione. The brewery is famous for stunts such as creating beer from a list of ingredients discovered in a 9,000-year-old Chinese tomb and building tanks from rare Paraguayan trees with alleged spiritual properties. This silliness aside, Calagione knows how to make an excellent beer, and in our humble opinion, the 90 Minute IPA is his masterpiece. The ale is strongly hoppy without being too bitter, aromatic without being overly floral, and sweet without being too sugary. Its closest kin might not be another IPA or even another beer, but a small-batch bourbon. It packs a punch (9% ABV), should be sipped and savored, and makes you long for a cigar or an antebellum drawing room, even if you're sitting in your kitchenette.