Nothing drives off an early morning chill better than a hot cup of coffee or tea. Knowing this, in the late 19th century the angling guides of the British Isles, known as ghillies, created a simple chimney kettle fueled by lit tinder. It helped them endure cold days fishing near icy waters. That, and some serious long underwear.

The modern version of the classic kettle serves 21st century adventurers equally well. To operate the Ghillie, you build a small fire in the fire-pan base using whatever woody debris is available at hand. Settle the kettle over the base so the fire’s smoke and heat rise up through the center of the double-walled vessel. Feed the fire by dropping fuel through this central chimney and the central heating of the kettle allows greater heat transfer so your water boils faster. The kettle’s traditional ‘whistle’ cap lets you know when your water is ready. We tested the kettle while drift-boat fishing on the Yakima river and it proved a steadfast companion: light, portable, and quick to boil — around three to four minutes. 

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It holds a full liter of water, and the cook kit allows separate pots and pans to be positioned over the fire-pan base if you need to warm up food to go with your coffee. The hard-anodized version boasts a durable, easy-to-clean finish on the lightweight aluminum kettle. Either will provide you with hot water whenever you need it. 
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