Originally specializing in canvas boat covers, Katin created its first line of basic swim shorts in the sixties. Four decades later, it has teamed up with Club Monaco to craft a limited edition cotton chambray beach short as comfortable as it is simple. The new colorful suits offer a bit less weight and a lot less friction than canvas, while providing the same durability.

The main thing the Katin shorts have going for them is actually something they lack. The designers ripped out the mesh lining after early customers complained about discomfort. But don't worry about a wardrobe malfunction – thanks to a four-snap closure and a rope drawstring, these beach short fit snugly on the hip and hold up to the biggest waves. They may feel like your favorite boxers, but this is an engineered garment.

As if that weren't enough, Katins offer classic style. They're a modernized sailor short, so you can look sharp without looking like a wannabe surfer. They come in navy, red, and purple, which allow you to make a statement without making too much of a statement. You can go from splash about or strut boardwalk with just the one suit, especially if you pair it with your Uniqlo polo, a panama hat, and Sperry Top-Siders. Forget surfing, you're ready to go to the surf club. [$85, ClubMonaco.com]