We are in a golden age of Internet-enabled delivery services – chocolates, beers, meats... tampons? – but one recent discovery has become a favorite: Bulu Box. Like any of these other services, the idea is that you sign up for a subscription plan – in this case, $10 a month, with free delivery (oddly multi-month subscriptions aren't cheaper) – and receive a goody box chock-full of new and interesting products you might never think of or have opportunity to sample. What's special about Bulu, though, is that all the items are vitamins and nutrition supplements (they also offer a weight loss-specific version). As connoisseurs of this realm, we're always looking to see what's new, what's improved and, frankly, what's bogus, so it's a real convenience for us. And it's fun.

We received a Bulu Box last month, and opening the package was stirring in a birthday-present kind of way. It was weirdly satisfying to test a new line of all-natural deodorizing toilettes while simultaneously gobbling down herbal energy chews, among the four or five options we received. Subscribers can sign up and earn reward points for reviewing and commenting on their experiences. And if you discover something you particularly like, you can buy it directly using points (or cash, obviously).

It's worth pointing out that, as with any supplement or vitamin, one shouldn't just blindly ingest what comes in the box, and perhaps do a little research to see what if any risks or reactions are possible. But this is well understood for most devotees of supplements: Scientific research on supplements is often highly ambivalent (or non-existent), and so experiential testing is how many consumers determine what "works" for them. For us, we love getting a shot at sampling a lot of new products – many of which can be expensive on their own – for the price of a couple of lattes per month. [$10 per month; bulubox.com]