Men shopping for sunglasses may find themselves unpleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials used to sculpt even the priciest pairs. With so much emphasis put on trends and design, workmanship and durability sometimes seem like afterthoughts. That's why you turn to Randolph Engineering, supplier to NASA and the military, which is set to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its aviator line with what may be the coolest pair of glasses you've ever seen.

Only 100 pairs of the Anniversary Aviator – now available for preorder – will be sold. And they will be sold quickly for two simple reasons: platinum and lizards. The Anniversary features a gorgeous platinum-plated frame, and the bayonet-style temples, which curve gently inward to embrace your skull, are wrapped in delicately tanned black Tejus lizard leather. The lenses? Hard, ultra-high-clarity mineral crown glass, fully polarized, with a perfect gray tint, an antireflective coating, and impact resistance exceeding the highest standards.

Beyond the exquisite build quality, these glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and impossible for even stunt pilots to shake off. Seems like the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. [$450;]