You've seen this jacket before, right? McQueen or Newman or Brando or Hopper or Mitchum must have worn it in some movie where the sky cracked open and the rain came down and bad stuff happened to good men, fast bikes, and even faster women. Not so much. The Rambler (of course it's made in America) may exude postwar utilitarian cool, but it has only just arrived, courtesy of Iron & Resin, a SoCal brand as bold as it is new.

This is the kind of piece you get in your twenties and, a fistful of decades later, pass down to your grandson when he graduates. What this is not is a jacket you throw in the washer or dry clean or subject to a warm, sudsy bath. Just hose it off if you ever feel the need. The 10.10-ounce Martexin waxed canvas sheds water and takes on a great-looking patina as it weathers the years with you.

The Rambler is an instant classic as a fall jacket, but layer it right and this slightly heavier coat will get you through the harshest winters. It wears equally well over a tee or – when the wind starts to pick up or you're biking at altitude – on top of a flannel or thick sweater. The fit is neither Euro-tight nor buffet-friendly. Corduroy lining inside the collar, cuffs, pockets, and zip flap helps insulate it and makes the treated fabric a little cozier against the skin.

McQueen never wore it, but you will – all the damn time. [$240;]