Unless your garage or workspace is just for show, you'll need a powerful vacuum to clean up all the dirt, dust, water, and overall detritus that builds up after a hard day's work. With a seven-gallon tank and five horsepower dual-turbo motor, this vacuum wasn't the most powerful in our wide test, but it won us over with its versatility. It comes out of the box with a selection of 13 attachments, all of which can be stored in the included wall-mount. You can choose from two hose-lengths to complement the 20-foot cord, giving the machine a ton of reach despite not having any wheels. And so you don't have to keep walking back to its mount to switch it on or off, one of the vacuum's hoses comes with the titular remote control so you can shut it down from afar. In practice, it sucked up debris and water without worry (although coarser chunks did give its extra long hose a bit of indigestion), and its muffler attachment – one of our favorites – made it so quiet it barely scared the dog. All in all, its a must have for any home. [$120, sears.com]