"Any activity will do," says Ron Mathews. "Cycling, running, skipping rope, even stair climbing – they all blast away fat, if you do them at the right intensity." To find the right level, focus on your heart rate. On regular cardio days, take on at least 30 minutes at a low to moderate effort after every weight workout (raising the heart rate to 120 to 130 bpm); on interval days, do 30 minutes at a pace that switches from high to low intensity every minute, aiming for around 160 bpm (i.e.: sprint one minute, then jog one minute). During the last week, when you double up on cardio, do your regular workout before breakfast, when your body has less glycogen and relies more on stored fat for energy.


For all lifting, do four sets of eight to 20 repetitions, with diminishing rests in between – 60 seconds for week one, 45 for the next, and then 30 for the last week. You should aim for a weight that is challenging by the last rep but not impossible. Also, feel free to choose any exercises that target the muscle group outlined on the calendar, but don't repeat the same routine more than three times in a row (to avoid injury and keep muscles confused). Here are some examples to help mix it up:


Barbell squat

Dumbbell squat

Dumbbell lunges

Bench step-ups

Walking lunges

Squat jumps



Bent-over barbell row

Wide-grip lat pull-down

One-arm bent-over row

Row machine


Bench press


Dumbbell fly



Handstand (for 30 seconds)

Cable rear delt raise

Front raise

Military press

Dumbbell lateral raise


Straight barbell curl

EZ bar curl

Dumbbell hammer curl

Dumbbell ­alternating curl


Bench dip

Cable triceps press-down

Triangle push-ups

Rope triceps extensions