Anderson says that shrieking, screaming, running and any other form of panic are your worst enemy. "When you scream or run, it instantly telegraphs one of two possible things to an animal," Anderson explains. "You are prey, or you are something in distress that needs to be quieted down so you don't draw unwanted attention or competition from other animals." While it's hard to know how you'll react if you encounter a deadly animal in the flesh, Anderson says you should mentally steel yourself to the possibility before entering the wilderness. Then, when the occasion arises, channel Arthur Fonzarelli: "Put your hands to the side and say aloud in a steady calming voice, 'Hey, Mr. Bison, sorry I got too close. I'm going to back up out of here and leave you alone,' and do literally just that." The idea is that while they won't understand your words obviously, your intent will be reflected in your body language, and keep the confrontational energy at bay. Then go back from where you came and count your lucky stars."