Panama City, Panama
Credit: Castillo Dominici / Getty Images

Why You Didn't Want to Go: When smuggling constitutes a significant portion of your local economy, there's bound to be some violence. Panama City has long struggled with crime statistics that don't make it an attractive destination. The number remain considerable courtesy of gangs, but the violence is far more contained than it used to be.

Why You Want to Go Now: Panama City is easy to get to, beautiful, and diverse. You do not want to wander into the wrong neighborhood (that would be Balboa or Cerro Ancón), but Casco Viejo, the oldest part of town, and the booming new downtown area are wonderful to visit. The city also offers access to paths that run along and – in the case of the Amador Causeway – into the Pacific. Savvy travelers check into the gorgeous, welcoming Las Clementinas and make a long weekend of it.