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This warning will almost certainly fall on deaf ears, but beware of lingerie and other intimates – the bear trap of holiday gifts. The truth is, as fun and risqué – in a good way – as it may seem to give your lover a sexy nightie or underwear or variations on that theme, like artwork it is almost never appreciated in the way you hope and expect. Even if your relationship is well past the point that buying a lacy garter would be considered lewd, dragging Valentine's Day ardor into a family-friendly holiday can get awkward fast. Taste in lingerie is very subjective and the sizing, especially with bras and underwear, varies wildly between brands. It's an especially devious catch-22: Buy too big and she'll be hurt that you think she's fat; buy it too small and she might say it makes her look fat. Bottom line: Any woman you're close enough with to give lingerie would probably rather get anything else.