Nantahala Noon Day IPA
Credit: iTapped / Flickr

The Brewery: Nantahala Brewery, from Bryson City, North Carolina (about 60 miles west of Asheville)

The Beer: Noon Day IPA

Tasting Notes: Nantahala has been working with Sierra Nevada since 2012, when their brewers flew out to Chico, California to collaborate at Beer Camp. It felt fitting then that we tried our first Noon Day IPA at the Beer Camp Across America festival, in Nantahala's backyard in Mills River, North Carolina. The IPA, one of Nantahala's flagship beers, is a relatively low-alcohol IPA that is supremely well-balanced with a nice malt heft to it that is balanced with plenty of citrus hops and a dry finish. This is the kind of IPA we wouldn't think twice about drinking in quantities — the kind of IPA you want for the game or beach.