Lost Weekend IPA

The Brewery: Bluejacket is Washington D.C.'s latest brewpub that, despite the lack of distribution, is one impressive brewery, having brewed 80 different beers since October 2013. Sour beers, unfiltered lagers, hop-forward IPAs — this place brews it all, and with much success. 

The Beer: Lost Weekend IPA

Tasting Notes: While we were told this beer is no longer being brewed here (this is the problem with a heavily rotating tap), the Lost Weekend IPA, an aggressive west coast IPA is the kind of beer that balances the portfolio of a brewery that made one of our favorite Wee Heavy Scottish Ales (a booze-y beer with notes of fig and raisin that is also no longer available) and still makes a sour we love (the Rheinard de Vos, a balanced, lacto-fermented red ale that's still on tap). Lost Weekend has bold citrus notes, tons of bitterness, and a pleasant grassy tone that we enjoyed while we could. It's a beer that just proves Bluejacket is worth visiting — if only to see what they'll come up with next.