Spring House: Braaains (Pumpkin Ale for Zombies)

The Brewery: Spring House, out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is not your average beer maker. The brewery, which by its own admission believes brewing is "more of an art than a science," is an experimental factory of flavor. There's peanut butter and jelly, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate peanut butter stouts; a pineapple pale ale; and, of course, a pumpkin ale that is focused on the pie. 

The Beer: Braaains: A Zombie Pumpkin Ale

Tasting Notes: Finally, a brewery that comes right out and makes a "pumpkin" ale that admits it's the pie flavor that breweries are going for. This wild, booze-y (7.2 percent ABV) brew does just that, with subtle spices and a strong malt and vanilla flavoring that, we swear, tastes like the best kind of pumpkin pie crust. It's an experiment worth sampling.