Tröegs Scratch #142

The Brewery: Tröegs, the Hershey, Pennsylvania-based brewery is probably best known for its seasonal imperial Amber ale, Nugget Nectar, which is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States. Like the Nectar, most of Tröegs' beers are intensely floral (but not necessarily bitter) thanks to ample dry hopping. 

The Beer: Scratch #142

Tasting Notes: Tröegs' Scratch series are the company's excuse to experiment — available only at the brewery, the company has made some 150 so far with somewhat mixed results (but mostly praise from their fans). Scratch #142, a low-alcohol IPA, is a distinctly Tröegs brew, complete with a powerful nose that gives off a fresh-mowed scent mixed with lots of lemon and grapefruit. The beer makes us want a Tröegs Hopback or Sunshine Pils, two of their most popular (and our favorite) beers.