Allagash Brewing Company: Coolship

The Brewery: Allagash Brewing Company, a brewery in Portland, Maine, focuses on beers in the Belgian tradition. While they're best known for their approachable Belgian White they're also making some of the most challenging and complex spontaneously fermented beers in the world. Even the Belgians recognize the talent as Allagash is the only American producer of wild ales invited to Belgium's Night of Great Thirst Festival.

The Beer: Resurgam

Tasting Notes: The latest beer in Allagash's Coolship series of spontaneously fermented beers is also a culmination of sorts. Resurgam is a blend of one, two and three year old beers spontaneously fermented and barrel aged. In Belgium they'd call this a gueuze. Look for lots of fresh hay and horse blanket aromas with a level of lactic sourness that puckers the lips, but doesn't overpower you.