Maine Beer Company's Dinner: Freeport, Maine
Credit: Christina Aceto

The Brewery: Maine Beer Company, a brewery in Freeport, Maine, got their start in 2009 at the same industrial complex that currently houses Bissell Brothers and Foundation, but they quickly outgrew the space and moved 30 miles up the road. They focus primarily on American craft styles with bold hop flavors.
The Beer: Dinner IPA
Tasting Notes: Maine Beer Company followed up their hugely popular Lunch IPA with — the natural thing — Dinner Double IPA. The beer is massively dry hopped in two consecutive doses for the massive citrus, grapefruit, mango, and resiny hop aromas you expect in a double IPA. While a name like "Dinner" might lead you to expect a full-bodied meal of a beer, Maine uses corn sugar to lighten the body while keeping the alcohol high.