Two Roads Brewing Company's Ol' Factory Pilsner: Stratford, Connecticut
Credit: Courtesy of Two Roads Brewing

The Brewery: Two Roads Brewing Company, a brewery in Stratford, Connecticut. Phil Markowski, brewmaster and owner of Two Roads Brewing Company built his new brewery in Connecticut with two divergent purposes: The first goal was to brew his own beer. The second goal was to provide contract brewers a modern facility in which to brew their beers. As the longtime brewmaster at Southampton Brewing Company he knew how difficult it could be to find capacity at a modern facility.
The Beer: Ol' Factory Pils
Tasting Notes:
Ol' Factory Pils is a classic pilsner in the German tradition which means it emphasizes bitterness just a bit more than the Czech versions which have a bit richer malt flavor. This is the kind of beer that we always wished was pouring out of every lager beer factory in America. Crisp, with a crackerlike malt flavor and just the barest whiff of sulfur. Ideal on a hot summer day.