Steep (2007)
Credit: Everett

There are dozens of documentaries about skiing. Then there's Steep, which brings the terror and beauty of the sport vividly to life (the camerawork alone will render you woozy). What drives such extreme skiers as Bill Briggs, Doug Coombs, Stefano De Benedetti, Shane McConkey, and Ingrid Backstrom to climb the highest peaks and ski down virgin territory like flying conquistadores? Damned if I know. But just try taking your eyes off them, especially with this film's spectacular high-def footage shot in Alaska, Iceland, France, and other gorgeously remote locales. The DVD includes an interview with Coombs, who died in a skiing accident in France shortly afterward. Mark Obenhaus's jaw-dropper of a documentary, with a metal soundtrack and gritty narration by Peter Krause, defines the term "thrill ride."