Moscow, Russia
Credit: Dmitry Mordvintsev / Getty Images

Russians and Moscovites in particular are a hearty people, among the toughest around. They are also drinkers, professionals even – a large percentage begin their day with a sip of vodka and continue to nurse all day till it's time to pass out. They're also completely inured to corruption of every form. As such booze-fueled petty crime, random scams, entrapment, and shakedowns by cops are daily distractions. That explains the vogue of car dash-cams there to fight insurance scams (drunks seem to love jumping in front of cars), or when young women lure men through a park to be beat and robbed by their waiting boyfriends. And thanks in part to the enactment of controversial legislation, gays have become targets for harassment and violence, often in public and without fear of intervention from authorities.