A Smart TV Might Save You Money
Credit: Getty Images

There was a time when having an Internet-connected TV seemed transformative. Imagine being able to use your flatscreen to surf the Web or check your e-mail, without having to run to another room to boot up your PC. But while TV-makers struggled to make "smart" TV interfaces user-friendly, consumers started bringing their laptops, smartphones, and tablets into the living room, obviating the need to awkwardly poke around the Internet with a television remote. Still, there's one smart TV feature that's genuinely cool: wirelessly streaming video directly to the display without using a game console, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or similar device. If you don't already own something that can get shows and movies from Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu onto your TV, then a smart TV with built-in WiFi (which, like 3D, is basically universal on newer sets) will hook up to your network and cut out the middleman.