You Might Actually Want a Projector
Credit: Getty Images

HD projectors come with a lot of caveats: Most models struggle with daytime viewing in rooms with lots of natural light, it often takes a while for the lamp to warm up, and if a projector is a permanent fixture in a home theater, it requires some sort of special installation (more than simply plopping a TV on a table). But projectors are a perfect fit for certain users and spaces, with screen sizes that can reach 100 inches or more at a fraction of the price for an equivalently-massive flatscreen, and an image quality (and overall experience) that more closely emulates sitting in a movie theater. And since they're infinitely more portable than a flatscreen, they can also be used in unexpected ways – brought to a cabin or beach house for an ad hoc HD movie night, or set up in a backyard for a drive-in-style neighborhood attraction. Hi-def projectors are the oddball choice, but there's a reason the category is still thriving: Oddballs are everywhere.