Try a Mudder
Credit: Rick Kern / Getty Images for Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash

Distance: 3 to 4 miles
Intensity: Mild. "You're going to get muddy, you're going to get wet – but you're going to have fun," says Brett Stewart, creator of the, a resource for OCR fans.
Training: None
Obstacles: 12, including wading through deep mud, climbing rope ladders, and leaping through fire. []

Rugged Maniac

Distance: 3 miles
Intensity: Mild. "Slightly more difficult than a Warrior Dash," Stewart says, "and definitely a lot muddier and dirtier. They're not afraid to put obstacles in water just to make them harder."
Training: None
Obstacles: 25, including underground tunnels, a 50-foot waterslide, jumping through fire, and climbing towers of shipping containers. []