Best Use of Vegetables: The Sunset Stalker
Credit: Bonnie Burke

If you've ever had a bloody mary with extra celery you already have an idea of what the vegetable can bring to a drink. The Sunset Stalker, however, proved to us that celery and vodka are made for each other. This simple cocktail – one of the most dangerously drinkable we had all night – celebrates mixing our vegetables, with sugar-beet Industry vodka, a celery tonic (adding a bit of sweetness), and celery ribbon. This will be our go-to drink this summer. 

The Sunset Stalker
1.5 oz Industry Standard Vodka
1 oz ICD's House-Made Celery Tonic (or heavily muddle a stalk or so of celery, double-strain into a cocktail shaker and add one dash of an anise liquor like Herbsaint)