Booq's Boa Squeeze Bag

Sleek design, element-fighting materials, and why-didn't-I-think-of-that details are the hallmarks of a Booq bag. Our favorite, the Boa Squeeze, combines these with an unusual shape that turns out to be ideal for almost anyone's daily commute. Though it looks somewhat like the carapace of a beetle (in a good way), the Squeeze has more in common with an efficiency apartment when you open it up. There is room for any books or tech you might be lugging around and for a change of clothes as well.

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the bag is constructed of water-repelling ballistic nylon that protects 210 cubic inches of storage space. Not that much square inchage, true, but inside the snakelike opening tongue there's a bevy of pockets, including a Nylex-padded and herringbone-lined 15-inch laptop pocket and sleeves for an external mouse, hard drive, and tablet. On the outer part of the shell, there are two generous side pockets with three-quarter zippers for easy access without having to take the pack off. Inside the right side pocket is a detachable key ring fob. A lined sunglass pouch has been dug into the exterior, where it is extremely easy to reach.

And the bag is comfortable. The shoulder straps curl outward and hold the bag close to the back. A generous amount of airmesh on either side of a deep spine indentation make for a soft and forgiving fit.

All Booq bags come with a metal, imbedded serial decal – on the Squeeze, it's on the back near the top – which has directions to the company's Terra Linq website. Once it's registered, good Samaritans can return the backpack if they happen to find it without anyone attached. We haven't tested that particular service yet, since we're quite fond of our bag. But if you ever find a Squeeze with the serial number 2014CX9359, please send it our way. Thanks in advance. [$130;]