Beechcraft King Air 350i

Price: $7.5 million

Available: Since 2009

Range: 1,714 nautical miles (with four passengers)

There's no more fuel-efficient way to fly 10 people to their destination than with the Beechcraft King Air 350i twin-turboprop plane. A similar size jet usually burns at least a fifth more fuel. The 350i has other merits, such as a ludicrously strong airframe and landing gear, making it one of the only aircraft that can take off with both a full passenger load and a full fuel load (providing for extremely long ranges) in virtually any temperature, and on runways too short for similar turboprops or jets. But the emphasis is on bulk travel. Corporations choose King Airs in the name of thrift, but private buyers are more interested in ferrying entire clans to distant climes. []