Cirrus Vision SF50
Credit: Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft

Price: $1.96 million

Available: 2015 (estimated)

Range: 1,100 nautical miles

If the amphibious A5 is a would-be G.I. Joe gadget, the Citrus Vision SF50 is pure Cobra. Or it will be, if Cirrus can get a model ready next year for flight certification and stay on track for first deliveries in 2015. But anyone, even those of us without nearly $2 million sitting around, can root for this plane with its single, top-mounted jet engine and V-wing design. It would also create its own category, what Cirrus is calling the Personal Jet, with enough pep (300 knots) to satisfy performance fanatics and enough seating for the whole family (up to five adults and two children). []