Gulfstream G650

Price: $65 million

Available: Since 2012

Range: 7,000 nautical miles

Gulfstream's latest is all bluster – it's the biggest, fastest, farthest-flying private plane around. The Gulfstream G650 flies at speeds of up to 0.925 Mach (or 0.85 – 0.9 Mach at cruising), faster than anything outside of the military, including commercial airliners. It goes 7,000 nautical miles, a range that connects Los Angeles and Tokyo with fuel to spare. The flight crew also gets the biggest windscreen, the best avionics outside of a spacecraft, and sheepskin-covered seats. And though you can pack its tastefully appointed, super-pressurized cabin (more pressure means less flight fatigue) with up to 18 passengers, if this is your G650, opt for the layout with the stateroom, which has a fold-down double bed and a pop-up 26-inch TV. []