Red Wing Pioneer belt in oro russet

Red Wing may be best known for its iconic boots, but the company recently branched out by releasing a collection of belts made from the same leathers and at the same historic Minnesota tannery as its premium range of Red Wing Heritage shoes. One look at these handsome additions to the lineup and the question is: Why did they wait so long?

The Pioneer belt, which comes in four warm colors from russet to black, is handcrafted and finished using oil-tanned, full-grain leather made from heavyweight cattle hides and solid brass hardware. As in the extremely durable Red Wing boot, the material gets better with age, acquiring nicks, scuffs, and wear patterns from everyday use and abuse.

Buy one of these and you're likely to be set for the next decade. And yeah, you could match your belt to your boots if you want to get obsessive, but we kind of like keeping it a bit more casual. [$115;]