SunBrite TV 32-Inch Signature Series True Outdoor

The Tailgater may have put the parking lot broadcast within reach for fans, but those fans will be spending a lot of time squinting if they intend to watch a normal TV outdoors. Normal TVs are not bright enough to overcome glare and not durable enough to survive a heavy mist. Enter SunBriteTV, a California company with products that sports fans can see all the time because they are frequently installed outside stadiums where smokers periodically watch the action. These all-weather HDTVs are bright and offer a high-quality picture. The most basic model, the SunBrite TV 32-inch Signature Series True Outdoor, is completely adequate for any tailgate. Is bigger better? Absolutely, but it is also way more expensive. Take it home after the game and put it on the porch or by the pool. [$1,500;]