Roast Beef with Crispy Shallots Recipe
Credit: Getty Images

Inspired by the roast beef sandwich on Cutty's menu, this recipe highlights chef Chuck Kelsey's awesome fried-shallot topping. For the dressing, mix one part ketchup, one part relish, four parts mayonnaise, a couple splashes of hot sauce, and just enough horseradish to give the dressing some oomph. Pop a soft, fluffy roll (brioche works great) into the oven. Once it's warmed, slice it open and slather both halves with dressing. Put two thin slices of aged, sharp cheddar on the bottom bun, then pile on thinly sliced rare roast beef. (If you're roasting your own, salt it generously overnight, then pat it dry with paper towels before roasting – makes it 10 times beefier.) Grind on fresh black cracked pepper, top with a fistful of crisp fried shallot slices, add the other bun, and serve. Here's how to make the crisp shallot topping.