Bodie, California
Credit: Tan Yilmaz / Getty Images

About 75 miles from Lake Tahoe, in Bodie, is where you'll find one of America's most perfectly preserved ghost towns. Established in 1876, the former mining town was one of the area's most heavily populated – and bibulous; as many as 65 saloons lined the streets of Bodie, offering its 10,000 residents an abundance of choices when it came to parking on a barstool. (Rumor even has it that there was a red light district.)

The frivolity came to a halt in 1932, when a fire destroyed most of Bodie's business district, forcing residents to relocate. There aren't many buildings left to speak of, but those that remain look exactly as they did 82 years ago – stocked shelves and everything. Just don't try and make off with an unauthorized souvenir; an alleged curse will follow anyone who disturbs the site.

Getting there: Bodie State Historic Park is open year-round to visitors, but winter hours can vary depending on weather conditions. Translation: May through October is the best time to plan a visit.