A woven belt

While we men tend to be single-minded in our ideas of what exactly a proper belt ought to be – namely, a black or brown strip of leather – it's worth remembering that a belt is every bit as much an aesthetic choice as a utilitarian one. A woven belt is a warm-season essential that doesn't choose sides: It's as equally suited to afternoons sipping G&Ts at yacht clubs or a day's long jaunt on Vermont's Long Trail. Unlike its leather brethren, woven belts can be worn more appropriately with shorts, khakis, jeans, mosquito pants, and every other leg-sheltering option in between.

Archival Clothing, operating out of Eugene, Oregon, and Boulder, Colorado, was founded on a clear concept: It sources, field-tests, writes about, and sells best-in-category goods from henleys to dopp kits and more. When an outstanding entrant in whatever category can't be found, it takes it upon itself to right that wrong and do it itself. (This is "heritage" with a flexible mind.) And its Archival webbing belt is a prime example. Made of military-spec cotton webbing in a dense, heavy weave with brass rings, bar-tack stitching, and a Horween leather tab, the belt is a quality piece of fabrication that won't ever get flimsy. It's also quite good-looking. Grab one in all-purpose tan, olive, or navy, and pat yourself on the back for snagging such a thrifty and practical purchase. [$30; freemanbrand.com]