Desert boots

Come summer, women seem to bring out a whole new wardrobe from head to toe, while men make do with what they have – and just wear less of it. The wearing less plan won't help you when it comes to footwear: No shoes, no service. A grown man needs something dressed up but versatile that plays well with jeans, a summer suit, and maybe even shorts. This is a big ask and way too much responsibility for those heavy clunkers that got you through winter. Lighter shoes that can be worn barefoot are becoming de rigueur.

The best bet is a classic built to combat hellish temperatures: The Desert Boot by Clarks was designed to the specifications sought by the cobblers serving the British army when colonialism was on the march in Burma and Egypt. We've long been fans of the Clarks Original, created in 1949 and once sold as "the world's most traveled shoe," but it is time for an update. Rag & Bone's Clifton desert boot espadrille is a cleaned-up version of the rough-and-ready classic that pairs the mid-top, suede design of the original with a summer-ready raffia-trim bottom and a harder-wearing leather sole. In bright blue, it's a little more daring while still being appropriately unobtrusive. These English accents will stand you in good stead at a picnic or in a presentation. [$255;]