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Traveling coach on most airlines means having to spend extra time and money if you want to check your bags. "I'm minimalist, so I take as little as possible," says Elliott. Not checking bags will shorten your travel time considerably on both the front and back ends of your journey. Elliott says luggage made of pliable material that has proper carry-on dimensions (usually no more than 45 combined inches) will fit easiest in the overhead bins. If you do need a briefcase or other personal item, try to get something with a sleeve that will slide hassle-free onto the handle of your carry-on. Check out our round-up of the best carry-on bags here.

Alternatively, you may want to try shipping your bags to your destination via FedEx. "I haven't checked a bag domestically in about nine years, unless it's a Sunday when FedEx doesn't work," says Greenberg. "I save two and a half hours of my life every time I travel because of that."