Coney Island Dog (Detroit)
Credit: J.D. Pooley / Getty Images

The signature hot dog of Michigan, the Coney Island is a grilled frank blanketed in beef chili – beanless and usually made with beef hearts – chopped raw onions, and yellow mustard, wrapped in a steamed bun. It has nothing to do with Coney Island, New York, other than being a shout-out to that iconic birthplace of hot dogs in America – the name was likely a marketing ploy that came about shortly after the first Coney dogs appeared, in Jackson, MI, in 1914. Coney variations exist elsewhere in the Midwest.

Where to Get It: In downtown Detroit, divey Lafayette Coney Island is where you go for your Coney dog fix – often after a long night of drinking. Snappy wieners – a natural-casing pork-and-beef mix from Dearborn Sausage Company – and crunchy onions add nice texture to the soupy chili, while tangy yellow mustard enlivens every bite. 118 W. Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI