Hot Wiener (Providence)

A Rhode Island original, the New York system, a.k.a. the hot wiener, is a natural-casing frankfurter in a steamed bun topped with mustard, chopped onion, celery salt, and a "secret" ground-beef sauce. (Like the Coney dog, this one likely wanted to be associated with New York dogs, hence the name.) Typically made of pork and veal, the quirky red-hued wieners have square ends, and are traditionally paired with coffee milk.

Get it: Family-owned in Providence since 1946, Olneyville New York System is the real deal, down to the neon signage and counter seating. The wieners, made from pork, veal, beef, and garlic, are from a local producer called Little Rhody. 20 Plainfield St., Providence, Rhode Island