Apple's photo-management and -editing app was brought to iOS a few years ago, and those in the know all agree: It's a million times faster, smarter, more useful, and plain fun on an iPad (or iPhone) than on a computer. Along with being able to easily browse through images with the flick of a finger, it offers simple but sophisticated editing tools via multi-touch on the iPhone or iPad's screen (for one: poke two fingers and a loupe pops up). So touch and drag areas in an image that want to change, and use gestures to tweak your shots, whether it's adding more blue to a sky or extra green to a forest. You can use your fingertip as a simulated brush to paint in photo adjustments or to remove spots, blemishes, or red-eye. Plus, you can order photo books or custom prints directly from the app. Best of all, it's now free for anyone who's purchased any new device running iOS7. [$4.99 or free for iOS7; iOS]