50 Year Storm Recipe

Located alongside the beach in Oceanside, California, Hello Betty Fish House is the perfect spot to grab a fish taco and a cocktail after a long day of surfing or sand castle engineering. Whether you like your seafood grilled, steamed, fried, or left alone, Hello Betty has something on the menu, which is heavy on the bar snacks – all the more reason to sit at the bar.

The drink list is as bulky as the food menu with a large selection of wines, beer, margaritas, and cocktails. Josue Moreno designed the cocktail menu, including the margarita cocktail "50 Year Storm,"  a Maestro Dobel-fueled drink inspired by the classic 1991 blockbuster Point Break. "It was movie about a gang of surfers who robbed banks but had a tight family and really loved surfing," says Moreno. The term "50 Year Storm" was used by one of the main characters to describe the ultimate wave: "A wave you never thought you'd see. A storm so good and powerful no one would attempt to surf."

Moreno describes it as easy to drink, yet refined. "Its main ingredient contains Maestro Dobel Tequila which is a very smooth 100% blue agave tequila sourced from single estates in Jalisco, Mexico." They add Cointreau to give the cocktail a pure and subtle flavor of bittersweet orange peels and "a touch of fresh squeezed juices" including lime juice and orange juice. "We finish the drink with a hint of agave nectar syrup that really brings out the tequila and rounds everything out," says Moreno. 

50 Year Storm

  • oz Maestro Dobel
  • .75 oz Cointreau
  • .75 oz fresh lime juice
  • .oz orange juice
  • .oz agave syrup

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice.  Double strain into martini glass with black salt rim. Garnish with orange peel.