Lillie's Q Sauces
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Chef Charlie McKenna is a modern legend of southern-style barbecue: A third-generation grill man who took top honors at Memphis in May's World Championship BBQ contest in 2007 (pork shoulder category) and has been in the top ten there for half a decade. His Bucktown, Chicago-based Lillie's Q, named for his grandma, opened in 2010 and was an overnight success, earning universally rave reviews.

McKenna might not be giving away the recipe to his secret sauces, which come from family recipes passed down (or inspired) from Lillie herself, but they are now available by the wax-sealed bottle. There's 10 to choose from – ranging from tangy Carolina Gold to the sweat-inducing Smoky Hot – and all guaranteed to step up your grill game. [$8/bottle;]