Quintin Co. Baseball Hat
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

We'd be the first to decry the overuse of the baseball cap, with many men oblivious to the notion that there's a time and a place to wear sportswear. That doesn't mean we don't love a nice cap, and we've never known any finer than LA-based Quintin Co's. Each hat is made of Melton wool, which holds it shape extremely well compared with other fabrics, and is lightweight enough to be all-season.

At the back the clasp is a strip of pigskin leather instead of plastic. We were so psyched with Quintin's caps that we partnered with them to produce a run exclusively for Men's Journal: Pick one in heather grey, navy, or olive green. Just remember to take it off before dinner, getting into the office, and and at weddings and funerals. [$30; bespokepost.com]