Spiegelau IPA Glass Set & Stout Glass Set
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Once you get past a certain level of beer connoisseurship, you start to appreciate the role the glass plays in your enjoyment of your brew. Depending on the shape and size of a container, the same beer will have a different head, color, and significantly altered taste and smell.

Spiegelau is a Bavarian glassmaker that dates back to the 16th century – you know, older than America – and, in partnership with leading American beermakers like Rogue, Left Hand, and Dogfish Head, created these sets of glasses specifically for consuming modern brews of beer. The IPA glass caters to American hop-forward beers, and allows for a thick head and plenty of nosing around. The company followed up with a Stout glass, which came together based on months of design tweaks and a unanimous vote among brewers. [$20/set of two;]