Standard Razors Safety Razor
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Obviously we're in an era of facial hair fascination, but this love of vintage and bygone style has been accompanied by a rediscovery of beard oils, trimmers, and shaving soaps. Then there's the realization that grandpa's $2 straight razor gave a hell of a lot smoother shave than our plastic alternatives and their ruinously pricey blades.

Associated Works, the savvy designers behind Standard Razor, have married the performance and appeal of yesteryear's tech with the know-how and aesthetics of the modern age to produce a line of razors that are outstanding. Dubbed Raw and Black, this pair of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum are thoroughly modern yet make use of the same double-edge blades your grampy used – in fact they work with most any blade brand – and produce a silky, close shave without fuss or fanfare.  [$69;]