Fish the city (New York City).
Credit: Gina Levay / Getty Images

New Yorkers forget they live amid a giant estuary, a mere subway ride from the wild ocean. Tides swirling into and out of New York Harbor create a giant steam-table buffet for bluefish and striped bass, the water thoughtfully heated by the ConEd power plant. Next time you feel like blowing off a Midtown meeting, call Staten Island-based - and accented - guide Joe Mattioli, who knows all the hot spots around New York Harbor. He'll pick you up at 23rd Street for a day jigging the East River in the shadow of the Chrysler Building, reeling in feisty Manhattan blues and stripers within earshot of taxi horns and construction machinery. Pass the time between strikes by deleting work-related e-mails on your iPhone. [From $550;]