Glacier's Grizzly Lake, Montana
Credit: Michael Sugrue / Getty Images

You're on the western shore of Elizabeth Lake, 10 miles deep into Glacier National Park's Belly River Valley, and it's safe to assume the trout haven't seen a fly all summer; they'd probably strike a piece of fur with a hook in it, but for your telltale shaking hand. The only footprints you passed on the trail had five toes and three-inch-long claws. So you take a deep breath, steady your wrist, and cast, hoping the fly will land softly and the fight won't take too long, so you can land the trout and get back to your tent before the sun is gone and the elk on the far ridge start bugling, drowning out your bear calls. See Russ Schneider's 'Fishing Glacier National Park' (FalconGuides) for strategy.