Sea Kayaking Prince William Sound (Alaska)
Credit: Getty Images

No other place in North America provides one-stop shopping for superlative arctic wilderness – massive peaks, calving icebergs, and breaching humpback whales – like Alaska. Perry Solmonson, a sea kayaker and guide, knows better than perhaps anyone how to pack all of the above into one trip: Solmonson has spent the thirty years exploring the most remote fjords of Prince William Sound, keeping tabs on orca pods and humpback feeding grounds, hiking windswept ridges with views of the 13,000-foot Chugach Mountains, and searching for the best camping spots. As the owner of Prince William Sound Kayak Center, Solmonson now arranges custom four-day sea kayaking trips from May to September that tap the best of what he's found. Rare is the day anyone sits on the beach due to poor conditions: Barrier islands protect Prince William Sound from rough seas.