Hawaii: Hike a Volcano at Sunrise
Credit: Photo Resource Hawaii / Alamy

"One of the all-time great things to do on Maui – anytime – is to bike up the 10,000-foot Haleakala." So says big-wave pioneer Laird Hamilton, who grew up surfing around Oahu's notorious Pipeline, but over time uncovered most of Hawaii's best spots: "It's this dormant volcano. If you go on a full moon, you can see the setting of the moon to your left and the rising of the sun to your right. It's an amazing situation. There's this Run to the Sun event that goes from sea level all the way up. There are trails so you can hike it off, as well. Or if you want to cheat it, you can go in your car with your coffee at 4 in the morning, hike around it, and drive down. The weather has to cooperate, but a lot of the time you're above clouds. Maui is great for cliff jumping, too. A cool place is the Seven Sacred Pools in Hana. It's this series of big plummeting ponds, and each one has a waterfall that splashes into the next one. So you jump from one waterfall into the next pond, and so on. You got these big deep gorges. It's amazing."

Getting there: Land at the Kahului Airport and drive five miles to the Haleakala Bike Company, where bikes go for $35 per day.